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World Burgers Now Open Debuting Six Crafted Burgers

Embark on a Culinary Odyssey with World Burgers: A Fusion of Flavors Beyond Borders – Click here for menu

[Whittier, September 14th, 2023] – Introducing World Burgers, the groundbreaking culinary destination that’s set to revolutionize the way Southern California experiences hamburgers. In a city known for its cultural diversity and love for food, World Burgers is proud to present a tantalizing fusion of flavors that transcends borders, curated right into each mouthwatering bite.

The classic American hamburger, a quintessential icon of comfort, has found its global passport at World Burgers. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of cultures that call Los Angeles home, we’ve embarked on a mission to create a symphony of tastes that captures the essence of the world’s favorite dishes, all nestled between two fluffy buns.

“Our vision for World Burgers was to celebrate the global unity found in the universal love for food,” says Founder, Al Alcala, the visionary behind this culinary concept. “Our handcrafted burgers are more than just a meal – they’re an expedition for the senses. We’re excited to provide our guests with an opportunity to traverse the globe one bite at a time.”

World Burgers also takes pride in its dedication to quality and value. The passion for providing exceptional service and exceptional products shines through in every aspect of the restaurant. Whether you’re a well-traveled foodie or simply a lover of great flavors, World Burgers promises an unforgettable encounter that’s as much about savoring as it is about celebrating diversity.

World Burgers is now open to sample a selection of our signature handcrafted burgers, each a masterpiece of global flavors. Join us with your friends, family, and community in celebrating the harmonious symphony of cultures through the universal language of food.

World Burgers is now open daily from 11 am – 8 pm at the Quad at Whittier – 8330 Painter Ave, Ste B in the city of Whittier. World Burgers order line: 562-360-1073

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About World Burgers:

World Burgers is a culinary haven located in the heart of Southern California, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that fuses the classic American hamburger with authentic flavors from across the globe. With a mission to celebrate cultural diversity through food, World Burgers meticulously crafts each burger with premium, locally sourced ingredients, and global treasures. Led by Founder, Al Alcala, the restaurant aspires to provide quality, value, and a journey of flavors that transcends borders. For more information, visit www.worldburgersusa.com. We are looking forward to serving the Whittier community.